Shirts for Soldiers – Woods & Waves

Check it out, our South Jersey Life shirt made its way overseas to the Middle East! Sent in from SSG Gartner - his Company is based out of Mount Holly, NJ and are currently deployed to the State of Qatar. I was told that he's been getting a lot of attention from his fellow Battalion members when he wears the shirt and are interested in getting their own. The idea was brought to me from his buddy Chris (who originally sent him the shirt) that we send a whole order of South Jersey Life shirts for the rest of his Battalion.

We have recently been communicating with SSG Gartner to work out the details, and we are planning to send a minimum of 52 shirts! Please help us meet our goal by making a purchase here to send a South Jersey Life shirt to our soldiers overseas!

You may either "Buy a Shirt, Send a Shirt", or make a donation to purchase a shirt for a soldier.