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Photo courtesy: Morgan Catherine (@_morgan_catherine) Article originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Backcountry Journal The predawn quiet cracked to the sound of bellows and cries from within the pines. Their shrieks rolled deep into howls, sending primordial shivers up my spine as I tried to fumbled through the darkness. Adrenaline ruled my pace and I looked up to get a gauge of time. Sunrise was only a half-hour away. I had to cover the distance quick. I was in the heart of a newly-acquired state parcel within the Pinelands National Reserve, an area noted for its sandy and acidic...

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Header Image: Sunset Beach by Morgan Catherine (@_morgan_catherine)     “I can’t wait to get out of this place, people get stuck here.”     Year after year, I watched the graduating classes from my high school pack up and leave. I was friends with kids from the deepest reaches of Cape May County all the way to the flat blueberry country of Hammonton. Yet, as time went on, and our childish behaviors and nights out way too late turned into nights at home deciding on the next step, everyone I grew up with came to the same conclusion: “I...

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